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Mr Nishikawa

by RSnowangel_Maria Ashtord

Comic Review
Dec 22, 2014 12:16 PM

Mr Nishikawa (by Cris Fabian) Review-



Mr Nishikawa is a suspense and semi thriller type of story, it combines intrigue and tension. The story is explicit and contain sexual scenes along with nudity. This is not something that bothers me and if I am being honest I thought a lot of the scenes in this comic were actually hot. But, the story is not all about sex and nudity, there is a solid plot and motivation behind. The comic is strong but takes time to build up and to move forward, it is a read that require time from the reader as there is a lot of details to take into account and a lot to read. Unlike other comic this comic's strength is set in the dialogues and the character development rather than the plot itself. It is the reason why this comic demands a lot more attention from the readers and also a lot of attention to the conversations between the characters. I have to say the sexuality in this comic is really accurate and believable, but above all it is really erotic - I enjoyed very much this side of the story. 



Let's be clear and blunt here, the story focuses mainly on two characters (Irene and Mr Nishikawa) the other characters are accidental to the plot and serve as motivation to the development of the two characters and the development of the plot. Though it evolve around these two characters, Irene is very sweet and quickly becomes an interesting character that make the reader like her. We look at Irene and we want to see her succeed and become a great agent. Moving on to Mr Nishikawa, he is a hot bloke and he knows how to use his charm to seduce women and bring out a great cover to his agent identity. Nishikawa is not only the hot guy who gets any girl, he is also a mysterious character and somewhere I am thinking he is beginning to like Irene (the feeling is mutual and I also think Irene starts to like him). Although Mr Nishikawa is pleasant towards women, he is also rough and sometimes physically dominant with women. I think Irene and him will surely get together in future events, it is a matter of time and I can honestly say I am looking forward to the moment they get together (if you know what I am saying). 



The story is coherent and consistent throughout Chapter 1 to Chapter 6 (the story is still ongoing do not worry) but the pacing is a bit slow. I think the story progresses well but slowly. The author is careful and it is okay, there is no problem in being careful and slow. I have not much to say about the consistency except that it progresses well and the plot does not suffer from it. Again, the story is a bit slow in the first few pages but I believe it is normal and fair for this type of comic. 


Drawing Style- 

The drawing style is amazing, I have nothing to say except that each panel, each details and each page is filled with amazing artwork (just like Rise of an Angel) and the toning is used wisely. I also have to take my hats off to the author for drawing the women' shape so neatly and so amazingly. The women were all hot and the way they dressed did not help me to stay focus much. I had to actually force myself to look away and carry on reading because they looked too attractive. This is definitely an amazing art skills the author has and I have no complaint whatsoever on the art department. 



For me, I believe Irene should be on the cover as the journey focuses a lot more on her. However, using Mr Nishikawa is also a good fit to the story. The cover is attractive and colourful, it suits the style of the comic and the category. I loved Chapter 5's cover and really think Irene looked amazing on it. 



4.5/5 Stars for me. The reason why I do not give it a full score is because the story progresses slowly, it is okay but it can feel like a drag in the first few pages. Never mind that, even if the pacing is slow in the early pages, the author has already made amendments to this problem in the latest pages. Again, this type of comic demands A LOT of concentration when reading and following the plot will require to pay attention to every panel (even the sexual scenes). I think if you are looking for an adult type of comic this one is a must. I am sure there are others here on Inblazers and other websites, but this comic is a must read. I liked every page of it and really enjoyed the character design which looked HOT. The word hot is not even enough, and even if I sound like a pervert I have to say what I think about this comic. Definitely a comic I recommend but BEWARE ADULT CONTENTS. 


Link- http://www.inkblazers.com/manga-and-comics/Mr-Nishikawa/detail-page/6459?lang=en


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