Italian for Foreigners.
Professional Italian teacher with 9-year work experience in a variety of contexts.She has taught Italian to immigrant adults for the CGIL (Italian Trade Union) and to foreign young people in public schools in Italy.

She has been working in London as an Italian teacher for the past 4 years and gained further experience in variety of contexts as Classroom teaching, One to One private tuition and more specific topics such as art and regional cuisine.
Graduated in Literature and Philosophy she holds a degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures and also a qualification in the Italian Language Teaching from the University of Bergamo.

Simona also paint murals in nurseries and collaborate with Cristina fabian to draw some backgrounds for the first edition of the Italian Mr Nishikawa and manga.



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Mr Nishikawa volume 1: Irene meets Nishikawa Agosto. Il… Sfoglia ...


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